API Aquarium Salt (16 oz)

API Aquarium Salt (16 oz)
Aquarium Salt provides essential electrolytes freshwater fish need to reach peak coloration and vitality. Electrolytes are essential for the uptake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide and ammonia. The lack of electrolytes may cause serious health problems. API Aquarium Salt, made form evaporated sea water, provides the essential electrolytes fish need to thrive in an aquarium. Use when setting up a freshwater aquarium or fish bowl, changing water and treating fish disease. Key Benefits Contains one (1) API Aquarium Salt Freshwater Aquarium Salt 65- Ounce Box Promotes fish health and disease recovery with increased electrolytes Improves respiration for fish in freshwater aquariums Made from evaporated sea water for all-natural results Use when changing water, when setting up a new freshwater aquarium and when treating fish disease Use API Aquarium Salt in freshwater aquarium tanks when starting a new aquarium, and any time you perform a water change. Care should be taken when using salt in aquariums with live plants, as some plants may be sensitive. Product codes: API06

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