Dechra EpiTreats Healthy Canine Snacks (8 oz)

Dechra EpiTreats Healthy Canine Snacks (8 oz)
Dechra Epi Treats Healthy Canine Snacks are a delicious treat that will keep your dog happy and healthy! These scrumptious dog treats have a unique blend of proteins and carbohydrates that promote skin and coat health. These treats make perfect additions to the diet of pets with skin conditions. They also taste great to act as the perfect snack to reward your dog during training sessions or to simply give him a nice treat. Epi Treats come in small bone shapes that are bite size for your dog''s enjoyment. One package of Epi Treats is 8 ounces and is resealable to maintain freshness. These treats are made by Dechra, a company known for using all-natural products that are safe for dogs, so you know that they are treats of the highest caliber. Your dog will love these treats and their skin and coat will show the difference, so order Epi Treats for your dog today! Key Features: Palatable taste Promotes skin and coat health Resealable bag Product codes: EPW

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