Dr. Goodpet Scratch Free (1 oz)

Dr. Goodpet Scratch Free (1 oz)
Dr. Goodpet Scratch Free provides relief from itching and discomfort caused by a wide variety of skin afflictions in cats and dogs. This natural formulation is never tested on animals and uses only homeopathic ingredients with no animal ingredients to provide a formula that is as ethical as it is effective. Dr. Goodpet Scratch Free is ideal for providing temporary relief from the itching caused by hot spots, dry skin, and flea bites. This container includes 1 fluid ounce of the formulation to provide a moderate supply to solve your cat or dog''s skin problems as they arise. Don''t be empty-handed when your pet develops an itch, grab a bottle of this homeopathic itch relief solution today! Key Features: Provides temporary relief from pain, itching and scratching Natural formula contains no animal ingredients and made with no animal testing Contains 1 fluid ounce (30 m L) Product codes: SF110

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