Omega-Caps HP snip tips for Medium & Large Dogs (60 Capsules)

Omega-Caps HP snip tips for Medium & Large Dogs (60 Capsules)
Omega- Caps are specially formulated with a blend of essential fatty acids and vitamin E to help support the immune system of your dog or cat. The active ingredients in Omega- Caps snip tips also help maintain joints, heart health, and normal brain function. Formulated with Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which are essential to the healthy functioning of your pet''s body, especially the brain and nervous system. They also play a key role in vascular health by supporting the normal function of the cardiac muscle and promoting normal circulation. These fatty acids cannot be produced by your pet''s body and so must be obtained through secondary sources like Omega- Caps snip tips. The antioxidant, Vitamin E, assists your pet''s body in combating environmental pollutants by helping the body remove damaging free radicals. These fish flavored snip tip gels are an easy way to help maintain a healthy immune system, brain and nervous system, and a healthy heart in your dog or cat. , snip the end and squeeze the gel out for your pet to readily consume these nutrients. Omega- Caps snip tips for Cats and Smaller Dogs is formulated for pets up to 45 lb, for pets weighing more, try Omega- Caps snip tips for Medium and Large Dogs. For Use In: Dogs and Cats Key Features: Eicosapentaenoic Acid ( EPA) 270 mg Docosahexaenoic Acid ( DHA) 175 mg Vitamin E 1.5 IU Product codes: 814087005694 OMEGAHPL60

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